We transform technical knowledge into industrial applications

The company B-to-M connects innovative companies with leading OEMs in Europe, USA and Asia. Our core competencies consist of the identification, the positioning and the commercialisation of know-how, product solutions and industrial processes.
We handle both technology and commercialisation with ease. We understand Research & Development, we comprehend the needs of the markets and we negotiate the framework for successful collaborations.


You are looking for industrial partners for the implementation of your technology or your production process.

How to handle technical collaborations with partners/customers without revealing core know-how?
How to negotiate upfront payment, milestone payment and licensing fees?
How to discuss exclusivity, intellectual property rights and supply conditions?

You have decided to make your Marketing & Sales organisation more effective.

How to increase sound market intelligence including information about customers, competitor and the general business environment?
Which specialist skills do I have to develop within the M&S organisation to come up with the appropriate market relevant decisions?
How to integrate specific technical knowledge into the M&S organisation?

You plan to penetrate new markets

How to reduce open barriers to entry and how to identify hidden ones?
Where to collect relevant market information for the planning and implementation phase?
Would local agencies or partner be an asset to ease / speed up the market penetration?

Your production capacity is partly idle and you would like to fill it.

How and where to promote my free production capacity?
Production filler- or premium producer approach, which is the most appropriate strategy for me?
How to negotiate collaboration contract without restricting future extension of my core know-how?

You are looking for innovation, new technical capabilities and smart industrial processes.

How to identify and evaluate marketable ideas?
How to negotiate the frame work conditions in joint development projects?
How to define term sheets or letters of intent for potential collaborations in the future?

Each company is unique
and needs a specific answer.

Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Dr. Benno Rechsteiner, General Manager and Owner

Benno Rechsteiner, General Manager and Owner, presents himself

Dr. Benno Rechsteiner, General Manager and Owner

During my employment as Head Marketing & Sales und Head Business Display with the start-up Rolic Technologies, I moved the company into profitability, developed their international business activities and positioned them as recognized leading technology company in Europe, USA and Asia.
I was strongly involved in the merger & acquisition process and the successful integration of Rolic.

After receiving my Master of Sciences in Chemistry in German and my PHD in Physical-Chemistry in France, I started my professional career as a development engineer in Switzerland. I applied my commercial skills as product manager at Castolin, as business development manager at Lonza and as key account manager at Dottikon Exclusive Synthesis.
During that period, I perfected my technical skills in a wide area of applications, such as Material Science, Life Science, Performance Chemicals, Consumer Electronics and Optical Films






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